Chazzan Moshe (Murray) Bazian z"l (1925 - 2010)

In an effort to preserve content that is starting to deteriorate, I have taken on a project to digitize videos I have gathered over the years.  Most of the video was taken with one of the first "luggable" VHS cameras, hence the spotty quality.  The Videos are encoded for Real Player.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I have started to add more content as of March 30, 2004.  See below.

Here is a small Bio of My Father, Chazzan Moshe Bazian.

Among the great cantors of our time, Moshe Bazian is highly admired.  By means of his numerous personal appearances on radio programs and countless concert tours, his fame has spread throughout the world.  Cantor Bazian has thrilled thousands of people wherever he has appeared by bringing the warmth of his vibrant dramatic spinto tenor voice to the peoples' hearts.  Whenever he sings one can definitely feel the true sense and meaning of the sacred prayers without having to read the translation.  His deep feeling, clearness of diction, unusual coloratura and heartwarming Yidishe Krechtz has made him known among his colleagues in the cantorial field as Der Zoger; a unique term reserved for only a few of todays great cantors.  Moshe Bazian is more than a cantor with an outstanding voice; he is also a gifted composer of Jewish music. One of his most popular compositions Rosh Chodesh Benchen has recently been published by the Jewish Ministers Cantors Association of America and Canada.  All music for his record was either composed or arranged by Cantor Moshe Bazian.  

Moshe Bazian was born in Kishinov, Bessarabia to a family prominent in the cantorial field for many generations.  At the early age of six, Moshe began his cantorial career in Bender, officiating as star soloist in his late fathers choir of fifty-six singers.  Soon he began to manifest such unusual vocal talents that he was invited to appear as a child Wonder Cantor throughout Bessarabia and Roumania. The photo on the left was taken of Cantor Bazian at the age of eight after officiating at a special Chanukah Concert in Galatz, Roumania.  During the lengthy concert tours from city to city, the child prodigy received musical training from his father Shmuel, a well known Cantor and Composer (photo appears on right). 

            In 1949 Cantor Moshe Bazian came to America and accepted a position at Congregation Tifereth Israel in the Bronx. He later officiated at the Linas Hatzedek Synagogue and the Kingsbridge Heights Jewish Center. Moshe Bazian was Cantor at Congregation Shaarei T'filoh in Flushing, one of Americas most beautiful Synagogues. The spiritual leader of the Congregation was the well known scholar, Rabbi Samuel Schafler. 

            Cantor Bazian has devoted many years of study to the cantorial arts. He attended the New York College of Music and has studied with many professors of world renown, such as Professor Pasquali Resigno, Dr. Charles Gay and with Mario Laurenti.  Moshe Bazian was a member and past president of the Jewish Ministers Cantors Association of America & Canada and served on their Board of Directors. In 1960, he was chosen as a soloist from among 250 cantors to appear at the special 6oth Anniversary Jewish Ministers Cantors Association Concert in Madison Square Garden. After appearing at the Hunter College Concert in 1962, he was hailed as a master of the Cantorial Art. He also sang at the Philadelphia Town Hall Concert and was one of the performers at the Chazonim Farband Concert held at the Young Israel of the West Side, where he was enthusiastically received.

Chazzan Moshe Bazian was last Chazzan at Congregation Etz Chaim of Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY and currently still officiates for the High Holidays.  
For more information, I can be reached at

-Ben Bazian

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Some Listener Testimonials  See more

Hello Ben,

You did a great job!
For some time I thought that Moshe and Murray where father and son. Now I now we are talking about the same fantastic Cantor. (With a capital C) 

Thank you for informing me.

Shalom from Holland!


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Tisah B’Av, afternoon

Mr. Bazian, I’d listen carefully to the six cantorial segments of your father Chazzan Moshe Bazian (not today) . I Found that he is a great CHAZZAN , not a cantor . The difference between a cantor and a chazzan is : a chazzan is a “ba’al t'fila”  who pushes the TZIBUR , the congregation to pray with his singing. A cantor sings, he can sing very nice in the opera, in the synagogue etc. but he is not praying from his heart . The singing of your father comes from his heart .

Yehi ratzon sheyiboune beis hamikdash  bim’hera  beyameinu .

Moshe from Israel

 Sorry that my English is not good, I’m thinking in Hebrew and write English .

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Dear Mr. Bazian,
Thanks to Arno I visited the site you have made about your father. After hearing Yehi Ratzon I immediately became a fan of you father. He is really a great Cantor with a wonderful voice ( I will make sure more people in the Netherlands will hear of him ). I hope you will expand the biography you have made about your father, because I really want to know more about him.
Furthermore I would like to thank you and your father for the musical pleasure you have given me, and I want to congratulate you with your fantastic site.
Greetings from the Netherlands.

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I went to your web page and enjoyed listening to your  father.  I am a Hazzan for over 30 years but only the last 5 in the USA and never heard of your father before. From what I've heard yesterday and today, he is a great hazzan. Thanks for your web page.

Israel Man
Miami, Fl

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Chazan Bazian,

I had the pleasure to be present at one of the concerts listed, your father's recordings are part of my treasured collection, I am still wiping away the tears of joy after hearing the warmth and quality of a true chazan who would  be recognised even in generations past.

Thank you again, and be blessed,

Hersh Gorman
London UK

Cantor Murray Bazian at age 8

Me at age 11 (any resemblance? NOT)

Cantor Shmuel Bazian

Cantor Murray Bazian Sept 2002.

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MP3's of Cantor Moshe Bazian
(more to come)
These were recorded from his "Songs of the Synagogue" album. 

Yehi Ratzon

MP3   Stream

L'Keil Boruch

MP3   Stream

Rachamono Donay

MP3   Stream

V'harev Noh

MP3   Stream

V'nirayhu Ayin

MP3   Stream

Ono Bekoach

MP3   Stream

Elokay Nishomo

MP3   Stream


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My second attempt at Streaming Video

These versions are the complete concerts including introduction speeches.

This concert was taped On December 16, 1984 at the Young Israel of Baychester.  Cantor Moshe Bazian gave a solo concert. After not having seen this for many years I forgot what a great performance it was. In this concert you will see the true talents and range of my father's abilities. Cantorial, Hebrew and Yiddish songs abound. The sheer variety of songs he sang and the fact that I believe he was in prime voice that winter
day made it a very enjoyable experience. How he was able to get up and belt out one piece after
another is beyond belief. The concert is almost two hours of masterpieces. The finale, Der Amoliker Yid, one his signature pieces is as good as I have ever heard it. This after two straight hours of singing.

This is a prime example why I believe Cantor Moshe Bazian is one of the greats (Maybe I am a little prejudice but I think not). I hope you do to.

I recall that there was a small crowd that day. I believe the weather was not cooperative. What a loss that more did not enjoy this stellar performance. I hope you enjoy it.  Click here for the real media stream.

This concert was taped February 14, 1982 at Congregation Etz Chaim of Flatbush.  Performers are Cantor Moshe Bazian and Cantor Yaakov Motzen (his 1st concert in the US) and Cantor Moshe Korogodsky (from the former Soviet Union.  Also his 1st concert in the US.  Worth listening to) 

Click here for the real media stream.

Video is a little dark.  (Oh well.  I guess I am not a media expert)

This concert was taped January 9 1983 at Congregation Etz Chaim of Flatbush.  Performers are Cantor Moshe Bazian and Cantor Ben-Tzion Miller

Click here for the real media stream.

(Encoded for 128kbps.  Less data but a little less quality.  Would like to know if this is smoother than the others.)

This concert was taped May 1 1983 at Young Israel of Far Rockaway.  Performers are Cantor Moshe Bazian and Cantor David Bagley

Click here for the real media stream.

This concert was taped June 5 1983 at Congregation Etz Chaim of Flatbush.  Performers are Cantor Moshe Bazian, Cantor Joseph Malovany and Cantor Ben-Tzion Miller

Click here for the real media stream.

This concert was taped November 11 1984 at Congregation Etz Chaim of Flatbush.  Performers are Cantor Moshe Bazian, and Cantor Moshe Stern.  I have been having problems converting this file.  So far here is the 1st half of the concert.

Click here for the real media stream.




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My first attempt at Streaming Video

Moshe Koussevitsky Memorial Concert - March 14, 1982 - Sim Shalom
(slightly damaged towards the end of this piece, sorry!!)

Live Concert - Congregation Etz Chaim of Flatbush - February 14, 1982

Sim Shalom   MP3

Israeli Medley  
Der Chazan Un Di Shul  MP3 Askinu S'udoso

Live Concert - Congregation Etz Chaim of Flatbush - January 9, 1983

Der Amoliker Yid   MP3 Al Hatzadikim MP3 Al Shlosho Divorim MP3
L'olam Yehey Odom MP3 Ritzay MP3 Tzur Yisroel MP3
Yibonay Hamikdash MP3    

Live Concert - Young Israel of Far Rockaway - May 1, 1983      

 Al Horishonim  Askino S'udoso Shalom Shalom Yisrael MP3
Vhaarev Noh Vneirehu Ayin B'ayin  

Live Concert - Congregation Etz Chaim of Flatbush - June 5, 1983

A Sheane Velt MP3 In Zeidens Hoiz MP3 L'keil Boruch MP3
V'al Yedei Avodecho MP3 Vneirehu Ayin B'ayin MP3 V'haarev Noh MP3

Live Concert - Congregation Etz Chaim of Flatbush - November 11, 1984

Eso Enay Bie Dem Shalashudis MP3 L'olam Yehei Odom MP3
V'af Hu Hoyo Miskavein - Duet with Cantor Moshe Stern Yiboneh Hamikdash - Duet with Cantor Moshe Stern Habeit Misomayim MP3
Al Hatzadikim MP3 V'neirahu Ayin B'ayin  

      Live Concert - Young Israel of Baychester - December 16, 1984

Al Hatzadikim Der Alter Chazan


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